How To Use My Zong App

How To Use My Zong App

If you are looking forward to learn how to use My Zong App, then this article will be of immense help to you. This is one of the easiest ways to access your mobiles on the go. In case you do not know this already, Zong is a new app which is highly famous for its unique features. It helps you to make free calls to any of the numbers in your contact book with just a few steps. You can select any number from a large bunch of the numbers and call them by name. The most amazing part about the application is that it can even make local or international calls within the same network as you are using.

How To Use My Zong App


You will surely wonder how you can use My Zong App when you have not got your hands on your smartphone yet. You might be wondering if you can download this app onto your mobile phone? As a matter of fact, you can download this app on to almost any kind of mobile device. Whether it is a PDA, Smartphone, iPad, iPod Touch or even a BlackBerry, you can use this application on each of these devices. This is because this mobile application is compatible with each of the major mobile operating systems.


Apart from this, My Zong also offers a lot of other features which you can use. You can also save the contacts that you have made in My Zong App on to your device. You can also create different lists like a group or a list of your friends. Moreover, you can also add up to 10 email accounts from where you can send and receive emails.


In order to know more about My Zong, you need to understand the various options that you can use in the app. One of the most important options in the app is the Contact wizard which is especially designed for Apples. The contact wizard in the app enables you to choose a contact from your phonebook which you have added as a friend. Similarly, you can choose a number from your list that you wish to call. These are the primary functionalities of the My Zong application.


However, My Zong does not only allow you to add up to 10 contact names which you wish to use on your App, but you can also edit them by using the ‘edit contact’ option. You can even add new pictures that you have taken with your camera using the ‘Picasa’. In addition to this, you can also insert videos which you have taken using the ‘Video’ option of the app. This helps you to add more features to the app according to your requirement.


Another important option in the How to use my Zong app is the My Zong calendar. This calendar is particularly useful if you are planning a special event or a business trip and you want people to be aware of it well in advance. This calendar will let them know about the date and time and even the location where the event is to be held. All they need to do is add themselves to the list and they will get the details of the venue, time and date of the event. This can definitely help them to plan in a better manner as well.


The How to use my Zong app also offers a special feature called ‘My events’ option which lets you view your upcoming events in a separate window. Here, you can see what types of events you are planning to attend and plan in a better manner as well. It also provides you with the list of the venue and timings for the events so that you don’t need to keep checking it multiple times. Furthermore, you can now see the list of phone numbers for the people who are attending your event.


So, if you want to make your Facebook or MySpace account more interesting and interactive, then you must definitely try out the My Zong app. There are various ways in which this can be beneficial for you and your business. You just need to use the app regularly and you can definitely enjoy all the amazing features that it has to offer. This app is indeed worth trying out as it will allow you to plan your Facebook and MySpace events in an easier way.

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