WhatsApp best tricks

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WhatsApp best tricks

Yes, you can have your very own messenger app in whatsapp now! Yes, you heard it right! Now this is entirely possible and it’s a great new security feature to have. This is just one of many whatsapp hacks and tricks for android.

How about the recent update to the Facebook application? With this update, you no longer have to touch the home button on your phone to go back to Facebook. If you were wondering if this meant that you could not use the menu button, the answer is yes. But, you can still use your touch tone phone to send messages and you can have the latest WhatsApp best tricks for you.


Before we move on, I want to talk about the latest Whatsapp best tricks for android and how you can easily get this functionality working for your device. In previous versions, to use the Facebook messenger on your phone, you had to go into settings > internet options> click on add on then scroll down to the messenger and click on apply. You had to accept the default and final choice. This was not only inconvenient but also very annoying. This same method also worked with other social networks like gmail, Xbox, or any other. So the fact that you could not make use of the home key to go back to the main menu in the browser was an issue that was never solved.


In this latest release, everything has been changed. You no longer need to touch the home key to go back to the main menu. This new feature is called “whispernet”, which is actually a kind of chat bot. You install the bot on your social profile and whenever you send a message, it sends it out to the whole network without you having to lift the finger. To me, this is one of whatsapp best tricks for iphone, which makes it all the more efficient.


One thing that most people complained about previously was the fact that you could not fully customize what you want. For instance, if you were someone who wanted to hide the last seen profile, you had to go into your settings > internet options > internet privacy and clear the option. Apart from that, every time you sent a message, the person would receive a notification on their phone. Well, those days are gone now as there is now a way to completely customize what happens when you send messages on whatsapp.


My first option is to use your keyboard to show the last scene options, and then you tap to hide the option. You can also do both on a particular contact. One of the coolest Facebook iPhone tricks is to turn your contacts list into a bookmarks folder. To do this, you just have to go to your user preferences > web options > list of extensions and tap on add. Once you have done so, you will be able to see all your friend’s bookmarks in a nice folder on your iPhone. All you have to do is tap on one particular folder to open it, and you will see all your friends’ bookmarks.


My second favourite whatsapp tricks for iphone is using the “share” button. Whenever you send a message on whatsapp with the share button, it will automatically save it to your selected list of contacts. This has got to be one of my very favourite easy to perform little tweaks that you can easily apply on your phone.


If you really want to enjoy your time on whatsapp even more, there are some very simple tricks that you can apply on your phone. If you want to know more about whatsapp best tricks for iphone, all you have to do is get your hand on the free version, and you will find everything you could ever need. Whatsapp for android is simply out of this world, and here I will tell you why it stands out above all other messenger services.

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